Currently I am writing and producing my second studio album from my alter ego, Killion Finch. ‘Chasing The Sunlight’ is my impassioned pursuit to channel recent events into words and music. Bringing a somber and true emotional voice to the second studio outing. It for me will be a very personal work. This album will touch on the sorrows, heartbreak, and pain of change. The reconciling of the past, and the journey of what can only be described as a new beginning. I look forward to completing this and making it available to all of Killion’s fans.


I am  also  in the studio working on, ‘Lead Me To The Cross’. It will be an all new worship and praise album. Featuring covers of  a number of today’s contemporary praise and worship songs. After I became the worship director at Helena Valley Church. My passion was to encourage Helena Valley’s praise team to craft their very first worship CD. The team has been very excited cultivating a unique sound. The all new CD will be a gift of praise from God’s people to their Lord. The CD will also be offered as a free digital download when available.


Velvet Symphony’s debut album, Counter Clockwise saw much critical success. The instrumental art rock project continues the trilogy right where it left off, in my second album, Sleeping Station. I infuse haunting lush melodies and elaborate arrangements to cultivate something new for our second outing. The new Velvet Symphony album will take many musical avenues  to unleash a symphonic, orchestral, sound that has many fans in anticipation of its release. I am putting the the final touches on it. The new album is set to be available this summer.