“Suddenly You’re The One” – Michelle Hughes

Each Friday I will upload some rare and unique audio/video find for a good old nostalgic walk down memory lane. I have a lot of items I have kept over the years, some performances, early recordings, etc. Who knows, maybe I have something that will feature you next time. You may have to wait and see. As you have no idea what I have kept in my collection all these years. That being said.  I think it’s time to post some of them to share with the world.

As I officially kick off the very first Flashback Friday, I am including a rare recording from my very first band, New Day. This track was recorded in 1989 on a Tascam 4 Track in the bedroom of bass player Robert Trujillo. This recording features a rare vocal performance by New Day’s original lead vocalist, Michelle Hughes.

New Day met Michelle while she was working at the Buena Park movie theater, located in Buena Park, California. The band had just finished a rehearsal and was looking to take a break. The band decided a movie was a good idea. The band shared that we were musicians. Michelle shared that she could sing, and the rest is history. The original song was penned by New Day guitarist, Bill Scherer.

Bill had played me his song during a get together at Bill’s apartment. As he and I were working on some new Ideas to bring to the band. The minute I heard him play the song. I knew it was a keeper.

The song features performances by bass player Robert Trujillo, drummer Xavier Bejimez, and pan flute sound was provided by my keyboard. Enjoy this rare treat from 1989. Here is, Suddenly You’re The One.

  1. Suddenly You're The One Michelle Hughes 3:56