“Wednesday Night Harvest” – Christian Smith

It was in the early ’90s. I  had just given my life over to Jesus an became a Born Again Christian. There had been a small revival going on in the church I had recently been invited to attend. It would be at a church where I would ultimately make my confession of faith to follow Jesus Christ.

Inspired by the Harvest Crusade which was a large-scale evangelistic outreach designed to be opportunities for Christians to invite people to hear the biblical truths of God. Which included testimonies and contemporary Christian worship music.

Three very young individuals which included: Christian Smith, David Perrigan and I would take up the challenge to be “Radical Christians” and looked to begin a ministry for God through outreach.

We were each called to put our gifts and talents together to help create a unique outreach for the community of the city of Norwalk in California.

It was Christian, Dave and myself who approached then pastor, Kyle Ermoian (who at the time was the pastor of The Disciples of Christ in Norwalk). Our idea was to create a Wednesday night outreach service for the community. The service would be modeled after the outreach events of Calvary Chapel’s Harvest Crusade. It would include a relevant biblical God-centered message and contemporary worship music. Kyle agreed to the proposal and allowed the use of the church sanctuary for the services.

One of the first steps was to put together a team of people who would help oversee this new ministry and outreach. This would include someone to give a weekly message (a speaker/pastor), prayer warriors (people to pray for the service), and a worship team (overseer’s of the music).

Christian Smith was selected to oversee the outreach as the ministries’ working speaker/pastor. David Perrigan would lead and oversee the worship team. The worship team would see a number of regular faces leading the music each week. This included Dave, Kelly BucknerJeff Simpson, Alan Simpson and myself to name a few.

The outreach would ultimately bring many regulars who diligently attended each Wednesday night to hear Christian speak about his work that week and the people God put in his path. It was also a great time to hear music from the worship band who played songs from praise teams like Maranatha and Vineyard. Those familiar faces included: David BrownCrystal Michelle Von LewisMichelle CollinsStacy MonfortMelanie BlackWilliam Perrigan, Vicky Perrigan, Bob Chapa, and many others.

It was an innocent time. A time of discovery, and experimentation. There was no rule book. Just the Good Book. But it was indeed a time where God’s hand was certainly at work. Now of course with the benefit of hindsight. One can now look back and see just how God was working his perfect plan. All Glory Be To God!!

I hope you enjoy today’s Flashback Friday selection.

  1. Wednesday Night Harvest Christian Smith 54:34