“Bald” – Tom Grady

It was the summer of 1988. Tom Grady my best friend in high school (John Glenn in Norwalk, California) and together with best friend  Steve Hammit would win the 1987 Norwalk All-City Talent Show and a cool $100 bucks. We had performed my original rap parody song, The Del Taco Rap. Our performance wowed the audience and the judges, stealing the entire show. It was a fantastic night.

It was after that huge win that Tom and I would later put our creative heads together to write our first mainstream song entitled, “Dreamin”. That song would later be covered by my band New Day.

As fans of funny and odd novelty songs and of legendary KMET radio disc jockey, Doctor Demento, (who, we got to meet in person. During our appearance on CBS’s “The Gong Show“). Tom and I wanted to try our hand at a new novelty tune. Our efforts would lead us to write the song “Bald”.

The song itself was pretty much written in a day. The foundation for the song was based largely on a drum rhythm that was inspired by the top-40 hit, Funky Cold Medina by  Tone Lōc.

The song tells the story of an average guy who wakes up one morning to find that his whole world has changed when he discovers that he has lost all of his hair. The song follows the now bald guy experiencing the ridicule and awkward events of being bald. The song also includes a reference to famous bald guy Kojak, and his lollypop.

Once the music had been recorded on my Fostex 4 Track, it was decided to have Tom perform the song’s lead vocals and I would add the background vocals. The song’s lead vocals were recorded in a single take.

Outside of Tom and myself. This would be the first time the song has been made public. So, for your demented pleasure, I give you “Bald”.

  1. Bald Thomas (Tom) Grady 3:23