“Summer Of 84” – Bartt Wheeler

This week’s Flash Back Friday features one of my oldest and dearest friends, poet and songwriter, Mr. Bartt Wheeler.

Before the bands, the albums, the stage performances, there was “Bartt and myself”.

Bartt and I met in 1985 at John Glenn high school in Norwalk, California. It was in theater class where the “weird kids” weren’t so weird, and talented ones could really shine. I would eventually find out that Bartt was a master lyricist and melody maker.

In the 1980’s Bartt and I worked together tirelessly trying to get ourselves into pretty much any comedy club to try stand-up while working on writing songs. What a time it was! “Don Barris ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Don Barris

It was always a blast putting our ideas to tape. Bartt and I would spend hours and hours spitting out song ideas together. For this song, I had written a chord progression and played it for Bartt who instantly provided lyrics and melody.

So for this Flashback Friday, I am including a rare find indeed. It feature’s Bartt and myself performing the song, “Summer Of 84”. Bartt on vocals, and I playing “beginner keyboards”.

I hope you enjoy two dreamers doing what they love doing most!

  1. Summer Of 84 Bartt Wheeler 3:40