Music: Year In Review

By Ed Melendez

Much like life, music is ever changing. With the advances in technology, music seems to always lead the way in what is new. So much has changed in music with the availability of home studios, computers, and the internet. Artists can now write, produce, and distribute their music simply by uploading it to sites like YouTube and have it receive world wide recognition in a matter of moments. But this can be a double edge sword for those who want good music and talented artists.

With performers like Justin Bieber who have learned to use the mass appeal of the internet to his advantage. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Andy Warhol was more right than even he could imagine. This new medium has opened the door for a number of people who otherwise might have never been seen by millions, and through this exposure, they may even garner an actual fan base.

With shows like American Idol and contestants like William Hung, who in fact cut a record after he was rejected by the show. We have seen a new type of celebrity. Seeing the expolsion of PSY’s Gangnam Style, and his billion hits on YouTube. Also, show that the wall that kept so many mediocre performers from receiving notoriety and fame is no longer an obstacle for some.

This could be a good thing if you have a true passion and talent to back up your abilities. Unfortunately, it seems more and more of today’s artists (if you can call them that) are sucking up the airwaves and taking up valuable space with mediocrity.

Sadly it appears we might have to endure a lot more Lady Gaga’s and William Hung’s before people actual miss artists like Etta James, Fats Domino, and bands like The Eagles.

I have no idea what the future is for these instant stars, but I hope they see this as an opportunity to become actual artists, and not simply a means to get their 15 minutes of fame and laugh all the way to the bank. Let us hope the next crop of internet superstars can set the bar just a little bit higher.