“Out of the Ashes” – Live At The Fireside

This week’s Flashback Friday features the song, “Out of the Ashes”, by the band Fair Exchange. This would be my fourth band adventure. My work in the band New Jerusalem would lead to a chance meeting with bassist Marc Miller, and drummer Gary Zdenek. Both had just been touring the coast and performing in the rock band, Fair Exchange. But due to internal conflicts within the band and disagreements with the band’s musical direction. The group would ultimately part ways.

It was shortly after Marc and Gary’s band’s breakup that I would come across Marc who I meant at Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton, California. Shortly after that meeting, Marc would join New Jerusalem. Marc, clearly impressed me not only with his abilities on the bass but also the fact that he knew who the band, Marillion was. At this point when bringing up the band Marillion. You are either saying…“No way! They are so cool! Or… “Who?”

It would be the Steve, the New Jerusalem drummer at the time whose lack of skill behind the kit that ultimately caused Marc to suggest another drummer for New Jerusalem. Marc decided to introduce the band to Gary Zdenek.

I would remember my first encounter with Gary. The guitar player, Dave Perrigan and I had pulled up with our gear to Gary’s place for his audition. A place Gary affectionally called, ‘The shaky shiver shack’. Gary came out wearing a badass black leather jacket. I only mention this as it was kind of a hot day. Gary also wore a pair of dark shades. He seemed almost a bit stoic and intimidating. But once we set up and Gary and Marc started playing, I knew I was in the company of greatness!

Shortly after that jam, at lunch. Guitarist Dave Perrigan immediately asked Gary to join New Jerusalem as its drummer. Gary seemed uninterested. This would later be found to have happened primarily due to the very recent breakup of his band, Fair Exchange.

Gary would eventually come around and join New Jerusalem. Shortly after that, at Marc and Gary’s suggestion, New Jerusalem would take on his former band’s name, Fair Exchange.

We would perform and record a number of original tunes during our time together. We would also produce two music videos and record an EP.

Below is one of the many places Fair Exchange performed. The Fireside in Downey, California featured many live bands. The song “Out of the Ashes” was written for the New Jerusalem album, Holy Ghost Stories in 1991. It was one of the earliest Christian songs I penned after becoming a believer.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Flashback Friday! Here is Fair Exchange performing, “Out of the Ashes”.