“To Be Someone (Tomorrow)”  –  Kristen Bellisario

Every so often with these Flashback Friday’s, I often come across a song or two that I almost forgot I had a part in. Searching through tapes, videos and photos and such, I often find something so unique that it makes me even question if I had a part in the project at all. This pretty much sums up this week’s Flashback Friday submission.

This week’s selection features a motley crew of folks who came together, basically for a one-off. This usually means a group of musicians collaborating for a single song. That perfectly describes this week’s Flashback Friday.

The song was a concept introduced by artist Kristen Bellisario, and Gary Zdenek. They both collaborated on the song’s arrangement and lyrics. The song’s title is actually a bit unclear as I apparently didn’t write it down. So I am using my best judgment and going with the title: “To Be Someone (Tomorrow)”.

The song features, Kristen Bellisario on lead vocals and on flute. A classically trained musician, she brought her unique songwriting and vocal style, which lends to the song’s unique bohemian mood. On acoustic guitar would be world class guitarist, Craig Ott. Craig, a stellar player in his own right did a lot of touring in his early days as a drummer and currently rocks out on guitar with Orange County’s hottest cover band, SlipJacket. Craig brought a freshness to the project and added a great feel for melody and acoustic styling. On percussion and backing vocals would be drummer, Gary Zdenek. Gary had been in a number of musical projects prior to this one. This includes the bands: Fair Exchange, New Jerusalem, Crimson Fable, Garden Gypsies (with the artist, John Moyer, Marc Miller, and Art Bromage). Gary currently, along with Craig Ott is a founding member of the Orange County cover band SlipJacket.

Gary lending his tasty take on the song helped to create a very cool vibe. Playing bongos flawlessly, Gary would also lend his vocal chops to the backing vocal tracks to the song. The song itself would be recorded and produced by yours truly. Having had a number of experiences playing with Gary Zdenek in a number of the same band projects mentioned above. I would also lend my vocals to the backing tracks of the song as well.

So for your listening pleasure. This week’s Flashback Friday, To Be Someone (Tomorrow).

Update: Kristen Bellisario shared that a reimagined version of the song was recorded in 2012.
I have included that recording below as well.

  1. To Be Someone "Tomorrow" (Original ) Kristen Bellisario 6:38
  2. To Be Someone "Tomorrow" (Reimagined 2012) Kristen Bellisario 4:42