All Of My Hungry Heart

Recorded in early 1999 at Calvary Chapel of Huntington Beach, California, All of My Hungry Heart was my first self-produced, Christian-themed praise and worship album. I would try my hand at producing and arranging the entire project myself, as well as performing all of the album’s instrumentation.

It was my desire to also include some very talented vocalists to perform on the album. These vocalists would include Rayanne Allmain, Kathleen Leatherman, and Bethany Welsh.

All of My Hungry Heart is comprised of all original compositions. One contribution, “Have I Told You” was written by first-time songwriter Billy Bird. The song “In Your Courts” was written by Meg Bannerman and would be our first collaborated effort. Of course, I would add my unique touch of orchestrations to complete the song’s final arrangement. For the song “Jesus, My Redeemer”, a special vocal performance was was provided by the Calvary Chapel Children’s Choir.

The album itself was really an experiment in progress, as various parts of certain songs were being written during the actual production of the album. This allowed for impetuous creativity to drive the direction of those tracks.

For all who participated in the making of All of My Hungry Heart, they each had the opportunity to contribute creatively to the album’s production. This album would also take full advantage of the new advances in sampled instruments and song sequencing. I would use these tools to their fullest potential in completing the final product.

Album design by Ed Melendez