The Del Taco Rap Dreamin I’m In Love With You Crystal Ball New Day Sailing Sam When The Angels Come After The Rain Changes Welcome To Glittertown Higher & Higher Find Your Way I Can’t Change Your Mind You Are Here Ancient Of Days Winter In … Continue readingANTHOLOGY

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“To Be Someone (Tomorrow)”  –  Kristen Bellisario

Every so often with these Flashback Friday’s, I often come across a song or two that I almost forget I had a part in. Searching through tapes, videos and photos and such, I often find something so unique that it makes me even question if … Continue reading“To Be Someone (Tomorrow)”  –  Kristen Bellisario

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“Out of the Ashes” – Live At The Fireside

This week’s Flashback Friday features the song, “Out of the Ashes”, by the band Fair Exchange. This would be my forth band adventure. My work in the band New Jerusalem would lead to a chance meeting with bassist Marc Miller, and drummer Gary Zdenek. Both had just been touring the … Continue reading“Out of the Ashes” – Live At The Fireside

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Music: Year In Review

By Ed Melendez Much like life, music is ever changing. With the advances in technology. Music seems to always lead the way in what is new. So much has changed in music with the availability of home studios, computers, and the internet. Artists can now … Continue readingMusic: Year In Review

“Crimson Fable” – The Lost Collection

Of all the bands I have been involved in over the years, one of the more influential would be my years with the prog-rock group Crimson Fable. What I’ve learned during my time with these guys shaped my music and its approach. The band had … Continue reading“Crimson Fable” – The Lost Collection

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“Winter” – New Day II

Some songs are born from a little riff, a lyric or a group of chords, but my favorite songs are the ones that come out of a spontaneous jam. There really is nothing cooler than the ability of a group of musicians to all be … Continue reading“Winter” – New Day II

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“Goodbye To Glittertown” –  Fair Exchange

One of the most fascinating things about these Flashback Friday’s is finding songs in their infancy. Hearing the little nuggets that would eventually make the final composition of a song. Even more fascinating is finding songs that never quite made the cut. As I go … Continue reading“Goodbye To Glittertown” –  Fair Exchange

“Carry On” –  Ed Learns Vocals  & Harmonies

The 90′s had just begun. I had just moved to the city of Claremont, CA. This was far from anyone I knew. These would be some of the darkest times I would face and endure alone. In the span of just a few months, I would lose his job, my new … Continue reading“Carry On” –  Ed Learns Vocals  & Harmonies

Singing – Dennis DeYoung of STYX

By Ed Melendez I had severely lost my voice recently. As someone who uses it for his job on a regular basis, it can be quite frustrating. It has taken about three weeks for me to get it to where I am comfortable using it … Continue readingSinging – Dennis DeYoung of STYX

“Visitor, Fill Me Up” – Di and Danna

The early nineties was an epic time for me. Shortly after becoming a Christian, I would come across a number of people that God would put in my path that would help shape my life. Some of those people I would sustain relationships with till this day, and others would simply … Continue reading“Visitor, Fill Me Up” – Di and Danna

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