Music: Year In Review

By Ed Melendez Much like life, music is ever changing. With the advances in technology, music seems to always lead the way in what is new. So much has changed in music with the availability of home studios, computers and the internet. Artists can now write, produce, and distribute their music simply by uploading it […]

Lady – Dennis DeYoung of STYX

By Ed Melendez I had severely lost my voice recently. As someone who uses it for his job on a regular basis leading worship, it can be quite frustrating. It has taken about three weeks for me to get it to where I am comfortable using it to sing again. But I found that in […]

Mac Or PC? Cut To The Chase…

By Ed Melendez This is a debate as old as time. Ok, not as old as time, but certainly it’s a debate that’s has been going on since personal computers have been made available to humans. Before we begin I will state for the record I have worked on machines that use Windows based operating […]

Recording The Birth Of Your Song

By Ed Melendez I am often asked where I generate original ideas for songs. Well the short answer is, mainly by sitting behind my piano and pounding away until something magical comes up. This might sounds a lot like trying to get a monkey behind a typewriter and hope it can eventually pound out, “To […]

Avoiding Disasters When Singing Live

By Ed Melendez So you wanna be a singer? I myself am a songwriter at heart, but I found it quite difficult working with certain vocalist who were unable to express my songs the way I had written them. Unfortunately this is the case for many songwriters. It became clear that the only way I could […]

Let Technology Be Your New Best Friend

By Ed Melendez Having been expose to music production incrementally over my career, I am a little less intimidated by technology than most. I am also a bit of a gadget geek, and that helps. I’ve seem how these little things can make a songwriters job easier. This is why I believe technology can be […]

The Only Real Rule In Music, There Are No Rules

By Ed Melendez One of the truths that took me the longest to learn as a songwriter is that there are no rules in music. Well, mostly no rules. I mean, songs do need endings. But for the most part songs should not be restricted by other people structures. What is appropriate for one song […]

A Little Bit About Artist Ed Melendez

Edward M. Melendez is a seasoned composer, songwriter and sound designer. His wealth of experience in music has helped him to contribute to a variety of contemporary, classical, stage, and alternative musical projects. Originally based in Los Angeles California, but now having moved to Helena, Montana. Edward fuses many of his eclectic influences with a keen ear […]