Chasing The Sunlight

Inspired by the title and concept of chasing the sunlight. This latest album became an impassioned pursuit to channel recent events to words and music. Bringing a somber and true emotion to the second studio outing by Killion Finch. The album touches on the sorrow, heartbreak, and pain of the ending of so much. The beginning of something new and yet to discovered new chapters and what is to become.

Killion wanted his next album to be rich with intricate orchestrations and powerful arrangements. He wanted to incorporate deep emotional lyrical content and bring out exceptional performances as well as hauntingly strong melodies. Each track is written from a very personal place.

Sunlight – would bring together all Killion had learned from his 2006 debut offering, “Songs of a Lonely Fragile”. Killion knew he could pull from that well of experience and bring an entirely new and more powerful dimension to his latest work. Looking to explore a more emotional place and a wide range of subjects that would be touched upon.

This new album would feed the creative beast within and help to close a painful chapter from a very difficult and trying situation.

The album will also include one of Killion’s favorite classic songs. From Crowded House, “Don’t Dream it’s Over. This song has a deep and beautifully haunting story and is an incredible piece of music both lyrically and instrumentally.

Killion’s version will look to pay careful attention to keeping with the song’s honest and emotional foundation. This version of the song, it was decided it would be arranged completely acoustically. This would be to help highlight the song’s incredible lyrics and melody. It is such a beautiful song. It deserves to be showcased for an entirely new generation. The hope is that those listening to it for the first time, will too, fall in love with it as did Killion so many years ago.

The remaining songs will be sharing the grief and loss of those things which we can not keep or control of ourselves and must learn to let go and understand their impact and how it can help to make us wiser, stronger and help us to somehow find the forgiveness and our place in it all.

Album design by Ed Melendez