The Night That Love Was Born

In 2015 I produced my very first Christmas album. It was simply titled, “The Night That Love Was Born”. I am a huge fan of Christmas. I understand not every Christmas is amazing, and that the world tried to commandeer it. Yet, Christmas is still an amazing time of year. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood during Christmas time. I also understand that Christmas can also be a sad somber time as well. I am sure we have experienced those as well. With that being said. I had wanted to record a Christmas album for quite some time, and the opportunity finally presented itself. 

I have truly been blessed in that, I have the opportunity to lead worship each week. This means that I have had numerous opportunities to prepare the music for the Christmas season. My tradition is to begin Christmas music and really only Christmas music the Sunday following Thanksgiving. That will usually give the congregation a few Sunday’s to worship with songs they are likely to be quite familiar with. I enjoy that very much.

Several years ago in not wanting to also leave out some of the contemporary worship songs.  It was suggested to incorporate both. It has seemed like such a good idea, I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t done it before. As some songs just call for a contemporary infusion.

So this is where I began with, “The Night That Love Was Born”. I gathered a number of the songs I had arranged for the Christmas season which incorporated many of the traditional songs and infused those with one a little more contemporary flair. WIth other selections, I updated the arrangement of the song to give it a more modern feel that didn’t sacrifice the beauty that made it a classic.

So this is the culmination of that work. This mini-LP makes up the album. It’s a  little old with a little new. I hope you enjoy it.

Album design by Ed Melendez