Crimson Fable

Formed in the mid 1990s, Crimson Fable was a progressive rock experiment which was used to represent influences and passions of many groundbreaking prog-rock musical groups such as Yes, Genesis, Styx, Rush, Kansas, The Moody Blues, The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Saga, and the British prog-rock band, Marillion.

Crimson Fable was born from the remnants of the second incarnation of Fair Exchange. After the departure of lead guitarist Dave Perrigan, it was bassist Marc Miller who introduced us to guitar virtuoso Art Bromage. It was Art’s flawless audition that sealed the position for him. We immediately asked him to join the group.

With Art now on board, we would take the techniques as songwriters and instrumentalists we had worked to perfect and begin to carve out a prog-rock nirvana that would be the vehicle which would showcase our skills and new progressive sound. Fusing melodic prog-rock orchestrations and unique time signatures. Our sound would be powered by haunting vocal melodies, screaming guitars, and intricate arrangements. It wasn’t long before we could finally take Crimson Fable’s newly crafted music into the studio.

We had been in the studio for months writing and recording what was to be our debut album, and our greatest musical achievement to date. We had completed only three of the six songs we had planned. Those included “Higher and Higher”, “Find Your Way”, and a revised version of the Fair Exchange song “Changes”. However, following a long, arduous stint together, we would abruptly part ways.

The remaining unfinished songs would not see the light of day for several years. I finally decided to dust them off and commit to completing the unfinished album. These tracks would include the songs “Welcome to Glittertown” and the epic guitar piece “El Lione”.

In completing the unfinished album, I would now put to use my skills as a producer and engineer and take my new pallet of ProTools, cutting, pasting, and editing track after track of music, the challenge became building a cohesive theme for the album.

The finished product would highlight the skills and passions of four very gifted musicians at the pinnacle of our creativity. Once it was completed, the 6 song album would simply be titled, Fragments. It was released in 1998.


Crimson Fable listed L to R:

Marc Miller (Bass/Backing Vocals),
Ed Melendez (Keyboards/Lead Vocals),
Gary Zdenek (Drums/Backing Vocals),
Art Bromage (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Album design by Ed Melendez