After leaving my very first band, New Day, due to creative and personality differences, I decided to focus my energy on my next, most ambitious project to date – Fable.

Fable would lead me to one of my more creative periods, allowing me to explore a more elaborate musical direction. Now I was able to finally focus my new passion for prog-rock music. It was my recent exposure to the British band Marillion, as well as a strong desire to converge a more orchestral/rock style to my music, that had me excited.

But it would be the collaboration with former New Day guitarist, Dave Parrigan, that set the stage for what would become a whole new unique journey and sound for me.

It all started with a song entitled “Japanese Girl”. That would be our first collaboration as a duo. But it would be the song, “World Go Round”, which was largely based on a keyboard riff I had introduced to my previous band New Day, that would demonstrate Dave’s and my ability to work together as arrangers and writers. In fact, the music had been performed by New Day for the closing of our “Hollywood Showcase for Bands” performance.

With a number of new songs being penned, the music of Fable began taking shape. We also made a unique move in that we decided to take full advantage of the newly available Midi technology. This would help us layout and arrange our music without the need for additional musicians. Dave and I would each share the sequencing duties. But it quickly became apparent that sequencing would have its limitations, and that real instrumentalists would eventually be required to pull off some of the more intricate songs now being composed.

Of course, acquiring skilled musicians for the music Fable was creating was a daunting task indeed. One of the first to come on board was former New Day drummer, Xavier Bejinez. It was a good fit, as Xavier, Dave, and I had already cut our teeth together on songs from our previous experience with New Day. So that meant the learning curve was nonexistent. Finding a bass player did not come quite as easily, however. The band auditioned countless potential bassists. At one point, New Day bassist Rob Trujillo even sat in for a session. Ultimately, we found ourselves alternating instrumentalists on bass.

Fable’s only performance would be at the 1990 Earth Day event at Chapman University. However, two weeks prior to that event, drummer Xavier Bejinez would suddenly leave the band. Luckily, we found drummer Dave Scherer through an advertisement in a local classifieds magazine, The Recycler. Dave was a solid drummer with a great feel for Fable’s music. Guitarist Mike Jones would sit in on bass and guitar for the Earth Day show. With only a two week window before the show, the new Fable line up had to quickly become a cohesive group. The intricate and elaborate song arrangements did not make it easy.

The final piece of the Fable puzzle would be solidifying a lead vocalist. Having written and co-written most of Fable’s melodies and lyrics, it seemed like the natural option would be to have me sing and perform them as a keyboard/vocalist. Having no formal experience as a lead singer, even with my previous band New Day, this would be a gamble we would have to take.

The Earth Day show itself was mostly well received. Although, one area of contention that surfaced after our performance involved my lead vocals. My lack of experience, compounded by the event’s outdoor setting and a substandard sound system, proved too challenging. This culminated in a poor vocal performance by me. Guitarist Dave Perrigan suggested that it would be best that I focus mainly on my instrument, the keyboard. Dave believed that because I lacked skill as a lead vocalist, it could ultimately hurt the band in the long run.

Despite Fable having only a single performance. This would still be a very creative time for me. I would pen a number of songs, some of which would eventually resurface in other band projects, and albums. A few of these songs were “Sailing Sam” and “World Go Round”. One other song that had been shelved because it was Dave’s opinion it was a bit too “keyboard heavy”, would be a song written in 7/8 and come to be called “After the Rain”.

With creative struggles becoming more and more frequent, coupled with the inability to find consistent instrumentalists, Fable would disband within a year. However, Dave Perrigan and I would find ourselves together again, but this time going back to where we began. There looked to be another New Day for us.

The recordings on this page are the only existing tracks from Fable’s one and only performance from the 1990 Earth Day event at Chapman University in Fullerton, California. In addition to the set, two original “peace-themed” songs were written specifically for the world peace event. “White Dove” was a song penned by Dave and “This World” was penned by me. The songs listed below are listed in order of performance.

The band line-up for the Earth Day show included: Dave Perrigan (lead/rhythm guitar/bass/vocals), Mike Jones (bass/guitar), Dave Scherer (drums/percussion), and Ed Melendez (keyboards/lead vocals).

Album design by Ed Melendez