Hannaford Street

Recorded in the summer of 2011. This was my second full-scale worship music project since 2005. The entire project had been inspired by my recent move to the state of Montana.

After accepting the position as pastor of worship arts at Hannaford Street Bible Church in Helena Montana, I challenged members of Hannaford’s worship team to set a goal to offer up a number of original songs to be placed on a new worship and praise CD.

The CD would be a gift to those attending Hannaford Street’s annual Pastor’s Conference. The conference itself attracts pastors from all over the country looking to be renewed and refreshed. It was the Conference’s 15th anniversary. So what better gift to give pastors and their churches than a worship CD with original inspired worship music.

The challenge was monumental, but I had no doubt that our new worship team could manage this undertaking. I knew when all was said and done, it was possible to complete it under the time frame set.

I was also very fortunate in that I had a very gifted group of individuals on our worship team. Even having some songwriters collaborating together for the first time was great. The members of the Hannaford Street worship team were given only six months to write, arrange and produce and record an all original worship CD. Time was certainly not on our side, and of course, having some members on the team who had never even experience the process of recording an entire CD before was daunting, let alone a project of this scope.

Things were finally set into motion. We had a working time frame to meet and it was a pretty straight forward goal. The CD would include all original music and would be performed by the worship team.

Everyone involved in the project really stepped up by offering their gifts of time, music, lyrics, voices and instruments to help create one incredible worship CD. The final product speaks for itself. It includes a diverse style of musical influences and captures sincere hearts, worshipping, praising and pouring out their emotions through songs of hope and adoration.

Album design by Ed Melendez