House Of The Risen Son

Recorded in 2005, House of the Risen Son was a worship project which was conceived and executed over a long period of time. I would oversee the song choices and their arrangements by selecting a number of classic worship songs from what I fondly refer to as “The Oden Fong Days”.

Oden Fong was Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California. Here he would lead both the music in worship as well as a Bible Study on Tuesday evenings in the early 1990s. The worship during this time was a great influence and inspiration to me. It helped cultivate my own style of worship and worship leading.

The biggest challenge for me was writing new arrangements for many of these familiar songs. I would then meticulously go over each of these newly updated arrangements and select instrumentation for the individual songs. It would be a tremendous undertaking, but one that I sincerely looked forward to applying my enhanced skills to.

The end result guided me in finding a perfect balance between allowing each of the selected songs to present their message by showcasing their beautiful melodies to their fullest potential. I would also add my own signature touch to these familiar tunes, adding to and orchestrating each part, in order to maintain the song’s integrity while expanding the song with a more contemporary sound.

The vocalists who participated on House of The Risen Son were Steven SmithSherwin QuezonJanice Devries, and Robyn Samuelson.

Album design by Ed Melendez