If You Believe

If You Believe is the first solo project I had undertaken. Produced in 1997, this album was a mixture of previously recorded, yet unreleased music, as well as original music that had never seen the inside of a recording studio. My vision was to take several previously unfinished songs, finally, give them life, and produce them as they were meant to be heard.

The first song written specifically for the new album was the title track “If You Believe”, a 7/8 rocker in the style of Marillion’s “Hooks In You”.

“If You Believe” would also be a vehicle to feature my skills as an instrumental composer. Songs such as “Winter in the Sky” and “Jessica’s Song” highlight my ability and passion to write elaborate orchestrations and melodies for a multitude of instruments.

I would also illustrate my spiritual side by bringing forth a number of original and contemporary praise and worship songs such as “You Are Here”, “Light of the World”, and the 6/8 song “Ancient of Days”. These songs would be my first contributions to the contemporary Christian genre.

The songs I was most eager to complete for this project were the ones that had never been tracked in a studio before, such as the Fable composition “Sailing Sam”. This song, along with several others, had waited years to get into a recording studio. It wasn’t until I finally felt I had attained the skills and artistic wherewithal that I was able to bring all of these songs to a place they deserved to be. And doing so was incredibly rewarding.

The remaining tracks were songs co-written by other bands but had been shelved for years. They were made up of the unfinished albums by the groups Fair Exchange and Crimson Fable. These songs include “After The Rain”, “When the Angels Come”, “Higher and Higher”, and “Find Your Way”. These songs demonstrate the potential both Fair Exchange and Crimson Fable had to offer.

Album design by Gary Zdenek