New Day II

In early 1990, the band New Day reunited for a very short stint to compete in the finals of the “Hollywood Showcase for Bands” television series. Despite the fact that New Day had broken up a year earlier, the band somehow made it to the top 10 and won a slot to compete in the show’s grand finale. The line up this time would see the return of guitarist Dave Perrigan and original members Rob Trujillo (bass/vocals), Xavier Bejinez (drums/percussion), and me (keyboards/lead vocals).

With a revitalized mission, we started with expanding our musical catalog and broadening our creative direction. The group’s new setlist featured some Fable’s songs including “Open Invitation”, “Sailing Sam”, “World Go Round”, and the epic prog-rock masterpiece “Lavender and Lace”. A few of these songs can also be heard in their studio versions on New Jerusalem’s album Holy Ghost Stories (©1991) and on my solo album If You Believe (©1996). New Day II then began adding new originals such as “Winter” and “Midnight Warriors”, which the band penned together. We would showcase our talents once again on the stages of The Green Door in Montclair, California, and Goodies in Fullerton, California.

Unfortunately, the momentum would not last long for New Day II. We again found ourselves struggling with personal and creative conflict. New Day II would part ways for the last time, mere months before we were set to compete in the finale for “Hollywood Showcase for Bands”.

Of course, Dave and I would find ourselves working together again. The next time we would be on a spiritual journey that would lead us both back to the collaboration table to form the musical project, New Jerusalem.

Included below are a few samples from our performances at Goody’s in Fullerton in May of 1990.

Album design by Ed Melendez