New Day Revisited

In 2008 I had been looking for a project to wet my chops on. After exploring a number of interesting options, I decided to go all the way back to my roots and uncover some inspiration from my first band.

I had been sorting through some old audio tapes from my, “Idea Box”, when I found a demo from my very first band, “New Day”.  After a long listening session, a number of thoughts surfaced. First, I wondered what the music and production would sound like today if I knew then what I know now. Secondly, I thought how cool would it be to make that same album today. This would be the catalyst for the project known as, “New Day Revisited”.

I would select five songs from the original 1989 New Day demo, and I would re-imagine them. I would produce and re-craft them in my own studio using all the latest gadgets and technology. I would provide all the instrumentation and lead and backing vocal parts and also produce the songs in a much more contemporary arrangement. I always believed these original songs had a great core to them and thought I could re-share them with the world.

My hope was to produce them as best as I could and simply let the songs shine. These would be produced with not only my abilities now as a vocalist, but also as an instrumentalist and a producer. I would engineer the entire project in my own studio and spend all the time needed to re-craft the songs the way they were meant to be heard.

The intention was to create a nice tribute to the legacy of my very first band, New Day.
A sort of “Thanks for some great times guys”!

Album design by Ed Melendez