Not Guilty

It was 1997. I had just left the world of retail. I had made a conscious choice to start my own recording studio. It was shortly thereafter Glittertown Studios was born. It was being run out of my office at Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach, the church where I was leading the music ministry. It was there that I was also giving vocal lessons to members of the worship team, aspiring recording artists, and producing radio promos for special services at the church.

It was during this time that I had re-connected with Dan Hohulin. During my days with the band Fair Exchange, Dan had helped out as a producer. He had been introduced to me by Marc Miller and Gary Zdenek of Fair Exchange. It was while in this band that I was able to experience Dan’s ability as a musician, composer, and producer.

Dan approached me seeking help with completing an album that had already been in production. “Not Guilty” was a project that was being put together by members of St. Andrews  Presbyterian Church in Irvine, California.

A member of the church had assisted in financing the cost and production for recording the album. A significant portion of the album had already been completed. Unfortunately, the keyboardists who were brought on board to track songs for the album left before the project was finished.

Finances for the album had already been spent on a high-end studio for the initial recordings of drums, guitar, grand piano, and bass. The keyboards were still needed, but there was no more money.

Dan met up with me at my studio and brought over his ADAT machine. The idea was to have me track keyboard parts from my studio to complete his album. But the process was not going as quickly as everyone had hoped. Dan who had lived in Buena Park, California had moved to San Diego, so the time frame we had to work with was quite limited, and attempting to complete all eleven tracks within this window of time was unrealistic.

So, Dan asked if I would be willing to come down to San Diego for a few days to finish the remaining tracks. I agreed. My only request was a box of Cap’n Crunch and to not be disturbed until I was done.  He agreed.

The next morning, I packed up my things and headed out to San Diego. After a few days of tracking, the album was completed. It was released independently, and I was called back to perform the album live at a concert held for its release at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Irvine, California.

It was quite a cool experience, as well as a great launch for Glittertown Studios. Below are the finished tracks from the final album.