The Atlantic Days


Recorded in 1999, The Atlantic Days – An Instrumental Journey is a collection of original instrumental pieces. This would be my first self-produced instrumental project, an anthology of original scores.

I used the canvas of The Atlantic Days to illustrate my passion for scoring music and express myself through beautiful melodies layered with opulent orchestration. My elaborate arrangements compliment the the delicate balance between haunting movements and symphonic themes throughout the album.

Opening with “Anastasia’s Song”, this Oboe/Violin driven piece paints a beautiful, elaborate portrait for the listener with bright tones and melodic colors. This album is made up of many different flavors, bringing together a wide range of styles and sounds to create an exquisite musical mosaic. “Night Parade” uses a strong melodic guitar lead. “The Mission” is a heavy synth-driven track. Other pieces like “Andrea’s Theme” and “Jessica’s Song” play more to the commercial choices in instrumentation, while haunting tracks such as “Winter in the Sky” and “In the Morrow” complete the elaborate tone set for the album.

  1. Anastacia's Song Edward M. Melendez 3:04
  2. The Atlantic Days Edward M. Melendez 3:32
  3. A Day In November Edward M. Melendez 1:49
  4. Andrea's Theme Edward M. Melendez 2:44
  5. The Mission Edward M. Melendez 4:45
  6. Night Parade Edward M. Melendez 5:37
  7. In The Morrow Edward M. Melendez 1:40
  8. Jessica's Song Edward M. Melendez 2:58
  9. Winter In The Sky Edward M. Melendez 2:07
  10. A Song For Brandy Edward M. Melendez 3:18

Album cover design: Ed Melendez