The Minstrel


Released in 1998, this album is a collection of potential movie and film score ideas I had written and composed over the last two decades. Each of these musical pieces incorporate my unique approach to scoring. These arrangements and orchestrations show my early skills as an instrumentalist, arranger, and composer.

Using my astute gift for creating unique melodies, I would craft each of these short scores with elaborate orchestrations and lush instrumentation in an effort to take listeners to far off places. A few of these themes would be influenced by many New Age artists and would incorporate many non-traditional instruments while infusing extraordinary arrangements into these scores.

With a big theatrical sound of “Rock’s Mega Theme” and its huge brass melodies and more intimate pieces like the music for “Fallbrook” and its soft subtle orchestrations, these scores would attest to my capacity as a contemporary composer.

In 1995, I was asked to reproduce the theatrical score for Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for the stage. It would be the first time the music for this film wold be performed for a live stage production. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to reproduce Danny Elfman’s incredible score, an opportunity I certainly could not and would not have passed up. Samples of these are also below.

  1. Music Sample The Minstrel 1:24
  2. Once Upon A Movie Score The Minstrel 1:12
  3. Walking In Queens The Minstrel 1:08
  4. Night in Cairo The Minstrel 0:45
  5. Rock's Mega Theme The Minstrel 1:15
  6. Fallbrook The Minstrel 1:00
  7. Intro (Nightmare Before Christmas) The Minstrel 0:33
  8. Jack Skellington's Theme (Nightmare Before Christmas) The Minstrel 0:37
  9. Sally's Theme (Nightmare Before Christmas) The Minstrel 0:50
  10. The Finale (Nightmare Before Christmas) The Minstrel 1:37

Album cover design: Ed Melendez