The Hitmen

In 2007 I would find myself reconnecting creatively and musically with my longtime friend and former Fair Exchange and Crimson Fable drummer, Gary Zdenek.

What started out as an informal night of jamming with a group of guys on a Friday, would eventually lead to the forming of, The HitMen. This would be my first serious venture into the world of the cover band.

The first incarnation of this group would be named, Room For Five. The band’s original line-up: Charlie Askley lead vocals, Mark DeVilbiss bass/vocals, Gary Zdenek drums/vocals, Craig Ott guitar/vocals, and myself on keyboards.

Covering mostly 50’s through the ’70s with groups like The Beatles, Elvis, and The Who, among many others. Having played a few small venues, the line-up would change with the departure of lead vocalist Charlie Askley (A great guy).

The band’s next incarnation looked to not only change its lead vocalist but also its name. So we became, The HitMen. We made our debut in late 2008. Our line up would consist of, Mark DeVilbiss bass/vocals, Gary Zdenek drums/vocals, Craig Ott, guitar/vocals, and again myself on keyboards.

We would expand our music catalog by now including a number of 80’s songs. We also began playing additional venues, including Splits Lounge, Pelican Isle, and a number of exclusive events.

The Band would make just a few more changes. One would be to add a new bass/vocalist, vocalist/guitarist and a new name. The HitMen would say goodbye to their time in the spotlight and would expand their horizons as the newly formed SlipJacket.

Album design by Gary Zdenek