ed_singsOriginally from Southern California. Ed has been a lover of music for as long as he can remember. He has extensive experience in ministries related to music, worship, recording, drama, video production, audio engineering as well as digital media design.

Ed is a proactive minister of music. As a praise music director, he has been involved in areas such as building teams of people to facilitate a worship environment, encouraging a community that embraces music and worship, and in encouraging people to join this rewarding vision and ministry. These areas of ministry have been strong pillars in what Ed has engaged himself in as a worship leader.

Having strong organizational skills and the ability to work with a variety of individuals of all ages, and at all levels of their experience and expertise is one of Ed’s many coveted qualities.

worship_picEd has been fortunate enough to work with fellowships of all shapes and sizes. From larger multi-service congregations to more intimate family-centered fellowships. Ed has been an essential part of building music ministries from the ground up in a number of churches over the course of the last 15 years. His gifts in finding just the right fit and balance for a congregation have led him to work successfully with many different denominations.

One of Ed’s many passions is taking the gift of praise out to the community to minister to those outside the church, using music. Ed has participated in and launched a number of community events and has spearheaded a number of outreach opportunities for a number of congregations. This includes participating in the National Day of Prayer event held on the steps of the state capital. Set Free in the Park, a summer community event held annually. Thursday-llelujah. This is a weekly event held downtown incorporating multiple churches and musical groups offering their praise and worship. These and a number of local events are just a few examples of Ed’s desire to reach out to the community.

It is Ed’s hope that you will find the information and samples on this site useful.

Please have a look and a listen.

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