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Prayerfully seeking a position in ministry as a worship leader, or pastor of worship in which I may utilize the gift of music to honor and glorify God, and lead His people into His Holy and wonderful presence.


•Over eighteen years of experience in church-related worship and music ministry.

•Accomplished keyboardist, pianist and vocalist with over twenty years experience as a composer, studio musician and recording artist.

•skilled as an arranger, producer, and sound engineer for multiple instrumentalists and vocalists.

•Over fifteen years of experience as an administrator and ministry leader.



Helena, MT (2014-2016)

Worship Arts and Tech Director. Prepared media and music in conjuncture with the senior pastor’s vision for Sunday morning worship services.

My responsibilities were to oversee the weekly preparation and performances for each live Sunday morning service as well as additional special events.

I was also responsible for creating, scheduling and preparing worship teams and resources such as music charts, and song selections. I maintain all tech, and media aspect of our weekly worship services, as well as preparing all media graphics elements and presentation elements. Such as sermon/message slides, and web and online technical elements for our weekly live streaming worship service feed. As well as the design and development of the church’s online web presence.

PASTOR OF WORSHIP ARTS – Hannaford Street Bible Church

Helena, MT (2011-2014)

Pastor of Worship Arts. Worked with the senior pastor, staff and ministry teams to create and produce live performances and events for two Sunday morning worship services. Involvement in social media awareness and web maintenance. Maintained the ministries of worship, music, tech, drama as well as the churches social media presence. Administered the music and tech ministries for multiple groups and teams of over 40 + people. Oversaw church branding and media implementation, including marketing elements, video production and design, which include print, web, and an online social presence.

Used skills in leadership to cultivate, built up and encouraged new leaders and using experience to built a number of leadership teams. Mentored new music/worship teams through a foundation of personal and group instruction, one on one interaction, and by example of leadership. Showing strengths in conflict resolution and skills in group and one on one communication.


Norwalk, California (2000 – present)

Graphic designer specializing in web, multimedia, print and traditional design.  Responsibilities include working with and acquiring new clients, proposals, project managing, design and completion of projects, as well as project scheduling and billing.

PRAISE MUSIC DIRECTOR – Anaheim Christian Reformed Church

Anaheim, California (2002 – 2011)

Lead the Praise Music Ministry for a multi-generational congregation.  Responsibilities include music selection, recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers, as well as encouraging songwriting within the team.  Working with the senior pastor and choir ministry to present blended services.  Serving on the Worship planning committee.  Coordinating special events such as Saturday Night Praise, Youth Jam (week long Jr. and Sr. High Outreach), Serving as Worship Leader for Camp Dunamis (two week long non-denominational Junior High Camp) in 2006.  Additional involvement in the congregation includes serving as Deacon 2008 to 2011 and as a member of the property committee 2009 to 2011.

INTERIM WORSHIP LEADER / Cornerstone Community Church

Artesia, California (1999 – 2002)

Served as a pianist and vocalist on worship team from 1999.  Served as the interim worship leader in 2002.

MINISTER OF MUSIC – Calvary Chapel, Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach, California (1994 – 1999)

Served as Co-Leader of the Music Ministry and was promoted in 1998 to Minister of Music for a congregation of over 700.  Responsibilities included coordinating and directing all music and worship for two Sunday services and one mid-week Bible study.  This included selecting music, training and scheduling volunteers and planning and executing special events such as concerts and outreach services.  Also provided workshops on seminars on vocalization.


Norwalk, California (1991 – 1993)

Assisted in coordinating worship ministry for mid-week Bible study at this church with over 200 members.

MUSIC DIRECTOR – Composer and Drama Assistant

Norwalk, La Mirada Unified School District (1990 – 1992)

Composed music for stage productions. Provided instruction in both music and drama to students.

Additional Outreach and Community Events

National Day of Prayer (Provided live music and entertainment for the statewide event on the steps of the state capital for the annual National Day of Prayer).

Set Free in the Park (An annual community outreach event).

Thursdayllelujah (Prepared and provided music for a Thursday evening of live praise and worship celebrated in the down town square),

Uniform in Christ (Provided worship for a ministry event to bring the community together for our men in women in uniform).

Helena 24/7 Burn  (Participated in a weekend of worship involving serval churches and worship ministries for a twenty four hour period or prayer, reflection, and worship).

The Gathering   (A Saturday evening community event of live music/worship).


•Developed and maintain worship resource website:  www.minsitrylounge.com,

•a website related to current worship ministry trends.

•Composed music for computer game developer BAKNO

•Written and produced multiple worship albums and songs for various church fellowships.


•A.A. in Graphic Design, with a certificate in Multi-Media Development, Platt College,

•Newport Beach, California, 2001

•Training in Sound Engineering for Church Services,

•Course conducted by Guitar Center at Calvary Chapel, Huntington Beach, 1998.

•Courses in Music and Music Production, Cerritos Community College, Norwalk, California 1988 – 1990


Pastor Jeff Ullrey, Senior Pastor, Helena Valley Baptist Church
(406) 439-5236, rhema_1@juno.com

Peyton Jones, Pastor, Church Zero, New Breed Church Planting
( 714) 273-8139, Pregethwr@btopenworld.com

Thomas Roepke, Director, Business Continuity, Sony Pictures (Church Elder)
(310) 244-8372, tom_roepke@spe.sony.com

Gary Zdenek, Director, GaryZ Design,
(714) 473-9726, gary@garyzdesign.com

Robin Young, Principal at RSY & Associates, Inc.,
(520) 419-4301, robinsyoung@gmail.com


For online worship ministry audio and video samples visit:

For music composition and scoring visit:

For web and graphic design company samples visit:

Personal Portfolio visit:


GOD: I believe in one God revealed in the three Persons of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The Father is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and He is holy, righteous and good.  The Son of God is Jesus Christ, who is both fully God and fully man, the means of our salvation and the keeper of our souls.  The Holy Spirit is God our helper, who convicts, encourages, gives wisdom, leads us to the Father, lives inside us, and seals our salvation.

MAN AND SALVATION:  Man is created in the image of God, but man has chosen to sin against God and we are now separated from Him. As a result, only by the sacrifice made on the cross by the perfect Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) can we now be saved.  Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  So, if we confess that we are sinners and repent, believing in our hearts that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the tomb, we are saved.

GOD’S WORD:  I believe that the Bible is God’s word, inerrant, infallible, and fully inspired by God, and is the only infallible rule for our faith and practice.

OUR PURPOSE:  We are called to preach the Gospel message to the ends of the earth, to share what Jesus has done on the cross that all might be saved and come to repentance.  We are called to worship God in spirit and truth, following and obeying His word that we may become more like Christ. We are called to live every aspect of our lives in obedience to God’s word by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Growing up, I was raised in a pretty non-religious home.  I used to always say that we would attend two church services a year – Easter and Christmas.  Although God was mentioned in our home and there was a reverence and respect for Him, we, as a family, did not practice any kind of consistent or profound relationship with God.  When I was young, my family did send my older brother, older sister, and me to Sunday school.  Like many children, it was there I learned all of the traditional Bible stories.

I was raised by my parents to be rather self-reliant, and in my teens, there wasn’t really any church or spiritual activities in which I participated.  I figured I was a decent and moral person, nor did I drink or smoke or use drugs.  I simply didn’t feel there was a need for God in my life.  I thought I was “good enough”.  But there always seemed to be something lacking.

I have always believed that music was a gift given to me.  It was a facet of myself that I was never really able to explain.  It was just there – this passion that I was born with.  Before I could even play a single note on an instrument, I knew music was destined to be an integral part of my life.  I was not wrong.

When I was in my early 20s, a friend of mine who had participated in a number of musical projects with me invited me to his church.  I had been asked to attend church many times before, but I always declined.  The only church I really remember attending aside from Sunday school was Catholic church, and it was quite traditional, to say the least.

This time, however, the invitation to church fell on Easter Sunday, so I agreed to attend.  Full disclosure, it was somewhat of a culture shock!  But I found myself immediately drawn in by the message and the experience.  The service was being held outside in the church’s courtyard, and I recall so vividly everyone in attendance being asked for our prayers.  I remember asking God that if He were truly real, to reveal Himself to me in some way.  In that moment, I had no idea how quickly that prayer would be answered.

Shortly after I attended church that Easter Sunday, there were a number of life-changing experiences that I had gone through, which resulted in my having to relocate.  My friend who had invited me to church and I had started working on a few musical projects.  Once those were completed, he shared with me that any new project he was to be involved in would have to be a Christian project.  Although I was not a Christian, I expressed that I was cool with that.  We became roommates.  His parents hosted a weekly Bible study, which I was invited to and decided to partake in.  It was there, during these Bible studies where I saw God’s people praying, learning, working, and encouraging one another.

These were people who were not just talking about being Christians, but rather were living examples of that life.  I began to study more independently and attending Monday night and Wednesday night Bible studies, all the while, God continued to reveal himself to me more and more.

I would ultimately give my life over to Christ and make a confession of faith at the very same church where I first prayed for God to reveal himself to me.  My friend and I would later use our musical skills to lead worship services and start new ministries and outreach.

One of the first outreaches we did was inspired by the Bible study we attended on Monday nights at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.  It was a study given by Greg Laurie.  It was a brilliant time for the Word, fellowship, and inspiring music.  We called it Wednesday Night Harvest.

It was incredible seeing so many come to the Lord and get involved in many areas of ministry.  We helped to disciple the youth and encourage them to do the same.  In due course, we would all move on to follow the different paths God provided us. It was also during this time that I became immersed in apologetics.  Knowing what I believed and why I believed was a passion God had instilled in me and I became an avid seeker of the Truth.

Eventually, I ended up at Calvary Chapel in Huntington Beach where my friend was leading their music ministry.  Again, God used that time and those experiences to reveal so much to me.  His timing is always perfect.  I soon became part of the Huntington Beach Calvary Worship Team, and as my friend started a family and moved on, I began leading the worship ministry, building up teams, ministering, and supporting those in the ministry.  Having been given the opportunity to be used to bring friends to Jesus is an incredible blessing.

God would ultimately draw me elsewhere.  But His plan has always been perfect.  I have since had the pleasure of working with amazing people and I have been blessed with remarkable opportunities in many churches.

I continue to use the gift of music to lift up and express my love for Him, my gratitude for His great gift of mercies, and to encourage others to honor God.  I have since had the great pleasure of leading others to write and produce their own original music, and guide them in seeking out their own creative potential.  Being part of multiple outreach projects has been such a tremendous experience, as it has helped to provide the opportunity to bring the body of Christ together.

Thanks to my God, as He has given me a passion to use music to glorify Him, and proclaim His Good News to a lost world in need of a Savior and his love.

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